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Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Tarkus (Full Album 1971)

Released: 1971
Country: UK
Genre:: Progressive rock
Label: Island Records
Producer: Greg Lake

1. Tarkus
* Eruption
* Stones of Years
* Iconoclast
* Mass
* Manticore
* Battlefield
* Aquatarkus
2. Jeremy Bender
3. Bitches Crystal
4. The Only Way (Hymn)
5. Infinite Space (Conclusion) 
6. A Time and a Place 


Emerson, Lake and Palmer:
Keith Emerson – Hammond organ, St Marks church organ, piano, celeste, Moog modular synthesizer
Greg Lake – vocals, bass guitar, electric and acoustic guitar
Carl Palmer – drums, assorted percussion

Recorded at Advision Studios, London in January 1971
Produced by Greg Lake for E. G. Records
Engineer – Eddy "Are You Ready" Offord
Arranged and directed by Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Paintings – William Neal (C.C.S. Assoc.)