vineri, 24 martie 2017

Scorpions - Fly To The Rainbow (Full album 1974)

Label: Mercury
Released: 1 November 1974
Recorded: Musicland Studios, Munich and Studio Maschen, Germany
Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

Tracklist : (A and B stand for the sides of the vinyle version)

A1 00:00 Speedy`s Coming 
A2 03:33 They Need A Million
A3 08:21 Drifting Sun 
A4 15:59 Fly People Fly 
B1 21:00 This Is My Song
B2 25:11 Far Away
B3 30:49 Fly To The Rainbow 

'Fly To The Rainbow' is the second studio album Scorpions released in 1974. The whole band shared vocals throughout this album, which is interesting; Ulrich Roth who replaced Michael Schenker as lead guitarist in 'Drifting Sun' also handles lead vocals in it. He's also dealing with co-vocals in 'Fly To The Rainbow'. 
Three songs were co-written with 'departing' guitarist Michael Schenker as part of his 'deal'/promise with the Scorpions for leaving them and joining the U.K. rock band UFO in April of that year, at only 18 y/o (but he returned 5 years later).

Additional musicians
  • Mack – engineer
  • Horst Andritschke – engineer