vineri, 7 aprilie 2017

Chet Baker/Gerry Mulligan Tape Recordings 1952-1953 (Side A)

From the David W. Niven Collection of Jazz History, a cassette recording from the Jazz artist Chet Baker, from the era of 1952-1953. Tape 1. Complete with a little historical insight by Niven himself. 

Track listing:
Side A
I/1. Carioca (2:18)
I/2. Line for Lyons
I/3. Bark for Barksdale (8:36)
I/4. Funny Valentine (12:33)
I/5. Limelight (15:51
II/6. Moonlight in VT. (18:54)
II/7. Turnstile (23:17)
II/8. Lady is Tramp (26:35
w/ Russ Freeman:
III-A/9. Isn't It Romantic (32:15
III-A/10. Lamp is Low
III-A/11. This Time The Dream's On Me
III-A/12. Maid in Mexico
Chat Baker after a Los Angeles recording session in 1953